What To Wear to Work: Worries of a Soon-To-Be-Graduating Fashionista

Hello hello!

Happy Monday!

Did we all have a good weekend?

Remember that time I was wishing it would get nice and fall-like? Well here I am, wearing sweatpants and wrapped in a blanket while outside it is raining. It was cold and rainy literally all weekend and now I am slightly regretting my wishes. I think I might require a trip to the mall to buy some legwarmers.

BUT I also declared my intent to GRADUATE today. WOAH. Or as my good friend Ren aka Kevin Bacon in Footloose would say, “jump back!” Please don’t ask me what I’m going to do after that, because I really don’t know at this point. Currently the plan is to apply to a million things (not grad school) and see what happens. Does that sound like a good plan to you? because that’s simply the best I got so far.

In the spirit of the work world, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you WEAR when you turn into a pumpkin, I mean, a grown-up. I think there has to be some kind of happy medium between office drone and hip-fashionista that still looks professional.

I feel like ASOS has a lot of good options (like this or this or this). I’m really rather partial to this:


I’m a sucker for a nice bird print and a retro feel. Modcloth has something rather similar.

What do you think? What makes good office wear?

also, I know I talk a lot about shoes and I’m pretty sure they are the opposite of office appropriate, but OMG, I WANT THEM.


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