Oh hello Friday, where did you come from?

Doesn’t it seem like the whole week has just FLOWN by? We’re only in our third week of school and I’m already thinking about the end of the semester! Happily, next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving (so early in the year), but THIS weekend is Nuit Blanche, the all night art festival! It’s supposed to get down to a chilly 41 degrees on Saturday night, but that’s what scarves and boyfriends are for right? To keep you warm on cold nights?

Failing that, there is always whiskey! There is this really great authentic Scottish pub (everyone who works there is legitimately Scottish, accent and all), with fantastic food and whiskey. I’m still going through some Oxford withdrawal and could use some cheer from the other side of the pond…

But, back to the weekend. Here, in the spirit of all night art festivals, are 5 awesome artists.

Have a inspiring weekend!

1. Carly Waito

(that’s a painting!)

2. Olafur Eliasson

3. Raphael Lorzano-Hemmer

4. David Hoffos

5. Taryn Simon

(I saw this exhibit at the Tate Modern in London, it was AMAZING. It’s totally haunting and some of the stories of the people in the pictures are incredible (not in a happy way mostly). I would really recommend it!)


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