Something Sparkly

Even though the first day of fall isn’t until Friday, Toronto seems to have gotten a jump on things with a cozy, gray day of rain.  And oddly enough, I’m kinda itching for things to get moving weather-wise. What is this summer/fall limbo?! Where are my piles of leaves, dusky afternoons and streets smelling of wood-fire?! I want to wear all my cozy sweaters, thick socks and one of the bajillion cowl scarves my grandma has knit me over the past six weeks (I literally now have about thirty).  I am happily anticipating Thanksgiving and alllll things delicious.  Last night, I made whole-wheat apple muffins and tomorrow I’m making a plum cobbler and right now a lovely cup of perfectly brewed tea is sitting by my side.

In a weird way, all the things that come with Toronto fall make me anticipate California Christmas. Does that make sense? I’ve never had a “White Christmas” so Christmas-time in California is like fall in Toronto. All this weather makes something inside me  jump up and down and yelp, “Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!”, even though there are about two-and-a-half months between now and Christmas. It’s kinda cruel, don’t you think? But, when Christmas comes, I get to go home.

In the spirit of Christmas, let’s oogle these gorgeous flats from ModCloth (because I really am in truly, madly, deeply, in love with them and wish I had 40 dollars to spare *cough Christmas present mom, cough*). They’re like the grown-up version of the ruby slipper-esque flats I used to wear ALL THE TIME as a six year old. I believe I also had them in pink and silver.

Some things never change.


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