First Day of Class

Sooo I never got around to taking those pictures yesterday! I will take lots I’m sure, but I’m still taking everything in! The tour was pretty neat and afterward my friend and I went to a discount store called Boswells to buy cooking  supplies on the uber cheap. My utensils were less than a pound each! I got a little pot and a colander (basically enough stuff to make pasta with), but last night had heated up pizza for dinner. It was a pretty boring evening, I spent most of it in my room reading my textbook, but I did manage to finally plan my trip to Glasgow to visit my friend Leigh!! I’m so excited to see her and explore Glasgow. We are also going to Edinburgh for the day to see a festival! GAH!! SO EXCITED. See, Leigh and I majorly bonded at camp last year and don’t get to see each other very often, this is a BIG deal :)

After a night of rest, we had our first day of class today. It was three long hours, but pretty interesting and informative. This class is going to be jammed pack full on information, but luckily my prof is pretty interesting. On Wednesday she’s taking us to a local pub in one of the last preserved Manorial lands still around today. Right now, I’m off to discuss research paper topics with her. I’m currently thinking about exploring the relationship between the emerging print and newspaper culture of the 17th and 18th centuries and the political scene (think satire, political cartoons, ect) in England. Hopefully, I’ll be able to also sneak some Commonplace Book/ thesis research in there too.


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