The Eagle Has Landed

I am in Oxford! I have now been in England for about 24 hours and am happily situated. I get a room to myself, made some lovely friends and already scouted out an amazing bookstore. Plus, my British cell phone is pink so I don’t really know how it gets better than this. I haven’t really done much too eventful besides wandering around and taking it all in, which has been already been so interesting.  It’s finally starting to sink in that I’m actually here in ENGLAND taking a course at OXFORD. I haven’t started taking pictures yet, truthfully I’ve been too distracted, but I’ll try and take some today and do a photo post tonight.

My new phrase for the day is “drink in” which is basically “for here” when you order something at a coffee house. Also, groceries are far less expensive, even with the exchange rate (ugh I hate that exchange rate!).

Now I’m off to our academic orientation and tour of the school! I’m hoping to jaunt on over to the Bodleian library after that (eep!) and find a pound store where I can buy some dishes so I can make dinner.


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