Magical Mystery Tour

Happy Memorial Day America! … Happy normal-just-like-every-other Monday Canada?

I had a very busy weekend. See, we’re moving tomorrow/Wednesday so there was lots and lots and lots of packing, but also some fun.

Doors Open Toronto was this weekend so Nate and I made some time to sneak away and see some public buildings, including Coach House Press which is possibly one of my favorite things in this city. Run out of this tiny, unassuming, dilapidated house, Coach House Press  is one of the most revered independent publishers in Canada. Here, the carrers of writers like Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, and bp Nichol began.  They print very small circulations, 2000 books at the most, hatching fledgling literary stars, allowing them to spread their wings but once they take off, they move to bigger publishers who can really help them soar. One of the simple joys in my day to day life in Toronto is walking past this building.  I read the bp Nichol poem etched in the pavement and hear the hum of the hard working presses and all is good and right in the world.

There is nothing like the sound of working presses. Absolutely nothing like it. I was in a giddy state of awe and wonder throughout the entire tour, a feeling I haven’t felt since the last time I was on stage. Do you know the feeling? It’s absolute magic.

(PS. This perfume is called “In the Library” and smells like books. Made for me? Most definitely. I plan on buying the little roller one.)


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