Last week, Nate and I were lazily strolling up the street late one night after seeing Water For Elephants.  It was a warm, clear night, and we were both still elated from our successful movie going experience.  We turned the corner onto our quiet road and there, sitting in the moonlight, was  an abandoned Ikea dresser and a coach. Ignoring the couch (because, EW, bedbugs), I turn to the Ikea dresser which is still in total working condition and appears to be bedbugless. So I make Nate help me haul it the block- and- a- half home. Now I have an Ikea dresser in my living room, waiting to be renovated after we move.

Exhibit A:

I’ve been doing lots of research on how I have to slightly sand it and what patterns I could paint it. Nate is making me wait until we get it to the new apartment so we can “see what will work best in the space”, but I already have my heart set on it looking something like this design from Designsponge:

I’m still undecided on what colors I would use, but itching to get started.


3 thoughts on “Patience?

  1. i hate to be a buzz kill but you can never be too sure about bed bugs. if it’s covered with that fake woodgrain stuff you’re probably fine, but they like to nest in that particle board stuff that ikea uses. sorry, i’m just bed-bug-paranoia-city over here

    • Do they really?!! I had NO idea! After careful inspection it is in fact covered in that weird fake wood paneling stuff. Thanks for the heads up though!

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