Hello there, how are you? Me, I’m doing alright. I’m sorry for the (once again) prolonged silence, see I’ve been rather busy (and lazy). I am also experiencing allergies and pressure headaches for the first time in my life. See during the summer in California, the weather pressure is fairly stagnant and lovely whereas in Canada things are all over the place and constantly changing. One minute it will be glorious, sunny, and warm and then next it will be POURING rain. It can really mess with your head. In short, I spent last week in bed praying that the horrible pounding behind my left eye wasn’t a precursor to my head eventually exploding (it wasn’t), which was a really unfortunate impetus to the actual work I’m supposed to be doing. I have since seen a doctor and discovered Tylenol Allergy and Sinus which at the very least turns me into a functional human being. Hopefully everything is back on track.

That picture of the Humpback Whale takes my breathe away.


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