Last week when I was home, one of the best things I did was hang out with my Grandma. She told me stories of her life when she was a young lass in Ireland, stories of when my mom was a young lass in Berkeley, bought me hot chocolate and Bossypants (“because you should laugh more”), and reminded me of some important things I seemed to have forgotten but needed to hear. In short, my grandma is the best. I am the youngest in a trio of smart, strong, beautiful women that starts with my grandma who passed her wise ways onto my mother who passed them on to me. Furthermore, I am doubly lucky in that I have an equally strong Nonna, my dads mother, from whom I get my tall, thin frame but also, I hope, some of my strength.  I could not be prouder to be part of this trilogy and lineage.

Happy Mothers day Mom (and Grandma and Nonna), if I grow up to be half the woman you are (half the mother you are), I will be a monstrously (more) lucky lady.


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