Oh Hey There

Right, I have a blog. I kinda totally forgot. Did you forget? I wouldn’t blame you. I know that I get a little frustrated when bloggers that I really like don’t blog regularly. I’m not saying you really like me (feel free to though), but I feel your pain. Truth is, I haven’t had any time to blog… or eat… or sleep or doing anything a normal human being does. I’m woefully behind on watching The West Wing. These last three weeks have majorly kicked my ass. The course calender and timetable for next year came out and I haven’t had time to even LOOK. Seriously, one of my favorite things is to pick out my courses. But now (like right now, I’m currently on the bus to the airport), I’m on my way back to California for ten glorious days of nothing but netflixs streaming, reading for pleasure and jaunting around the Bay Area. Oh, and then there’s Easter.

In honor of my only and last final yesterday — Marine Mammal Biology — I share with you this amazing print that I love and would happily buy.

I found it here


*disclaimer: there are no marine mammals on that poster.


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