Myself to You

Last summer while at camp, in the midst of all the craziness, I learned to really love “snail” mail. On the everyday, everyone loves receiving mail, but at camp, where we were so isolated, receiving mail was glorious.  It’s exciting when there is something personal (not a bill or a flyer or anything boring) waiting for you patiently in your little box. It makes you feel special. Mail is a sign of time. The sender had to a find/ buy a stamp, thoughtfully write out to you everything in their life, genuinely ask about yours and send it off. Mail is nice. I’m trying to send more mail, more postcards, more solid moments of my life and interactions.

Plus this means I get to buy stationary like this.

The cutiepiecompany over on Etsy makes these gorgeous personalized stationary sets with the envelopes crafted out of old maps. You also get a stack of really cool old stamps for sending.

I love it. I am totally enamored. Someone please send me letters like this.

While in Montreal, I was in a bookstore looking around and saw the COOLEST old time stationary set. Right then and there I said “I have to buy this, who makes this?!”. Low and behold, Chronicle Books continues to impress. I did end up deciding to wait to avoid paying Canadian prices/ taxes, but come April, it will be mine.

(the picture is also pretty crappy, so follow the [link] and maybe explore the website a little?)


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