Shiver Me Timbers!

This has to be the coolest bedroom I’ve ever seen in my entire life.*HjlJUkuvJlZmqCYpR0HYXyo6DCgOsHlg6QVovrkBZTi0m/PirateShipBedroom7.jpg

ITS A PIRATE SHIP!*ytt*36j6cFdFGWiyqz4Kqdsaqi73gOr0y79uKAEOqTiN/PirateShipBedroom1.jpg*5xom9kn8LEPiNnRipkdtlWdkGJz2elmGfOaQEdASSgNLB50Rpg3VCMATs/PirateShipBedroom8.jpg

When that little boy becomes a teenager, he is going to love that private little room up there. These people’s house also happens to have a slide that spans all three floors:

And I though my family’s remodel was cool, fancy wainscoting has nothing on this.

If you could have any kind of theme room what would it be? Even though I’m a full grown adult now (at least that’s what my drivers license says), I would definitely not say no to a medieval castle room, but only if it had a hidden passage way and a tower.

via and my roommate Liz.


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