Okay, so the Oscars last night were pretty bad. I had a good time watching them from my friends couch, winning Oscars Bingo (woot woot!), and texting my mom catty, fashion, things the whole time (wanna hear something kinda creepy: when Celine Dion came on screen we both texted each other “Celine!!!” at the same time), but I don’t expect that Anne Hathaway and James Franco will be invited back.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone who deserved to win did and I’m really very happy for Colin Firth because he did an over-the-moon fantastic job, but the whole thing seemed to lack some serious class and sophistication. I do, however, really love that Michelle Williams’ date was Busey Phillips, they’re kinda adorable (even if Michelle Williams’ dress washed her out and made me miss the days when she wore things like this).



Nothing really knocked my socks off. Even Helena Bonham Carter looked semi-normal. Sigh, oh well, I guess there’s always next year.

(the first and last images courtesy of Vanity Fair/  Getty Images, the rest Go Fug Yourself)


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