When Harry Met Sally

This is honestly one of my favorite movies. For one, I love Meg Ryan… Scratch that, I love pre-2000 Meg Ryan. I think she is adorable.  You’ve Got Mail – also one of my favorite movies, but what I’m getting at here isn’t my love of (pre-2000) Meg Ryan, it’s this  really lovely part of When Harry Met Sally.  Throughout the movie, the main story of Harry and Sally is inter-cut with little interviews of old couples in love, mostly how they met.

Photographer Lauren Fleishman has recaptured this magic in her photo series “Love Ever After”. https://i0.wp.com/www.laurenfleishman.com/photos/loveeverafter/001.jpgYou probably can’t read that text (unless you right click and pick “view photo”), but it says:

“You don’t really think about getting older. First of all, you’re aging together and when you see a person constantly you don’t notice big changes. You don’t notice, oh, you are getting a little wrinkle here and tomorrow you say it’s a little deeper. Those are things that just happen. You don’t pay attention to those things. I mean, I am not thinking everyday, oh my husband is 83 years old and my goodness I am married to an old man! And I hope he feels that way too.”

– Angie Terranova, Staten Island, New York on December 26, 2008.

Awe man, now tell me that doesn’t brighten your Monday morning just a wee bit?

Tomorrow I leave for Montreal! Hopefully I come back a little less restless and without frostbite.


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