Blog fail. I’m a bad blogger, and I don’t even have an awesome excuse like being busy and fabulous at New York’s Fashion Week, I’m just a bad blogger. Maybe when they took out my pesky appendix, they also took out my drive to blog… or I’ve just gotten a little lazy.
The bake sale went pretty well! We made a whopping 40 dollars, which is better than nothing and pretty good since everything was priced under a dollar.
Last week I was taken to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) for the first  time by my boss, who was kind enough to share his vast knowledge of art history. While there, I was introduced to painter/print-maker David Blackwood. His website describes him as “one of Canada’s most respected visual storytellers”  as he represents the “legend, toughness and landscape” of  Newfoundland and the sea.


A lot of his work includes big beautiful drawings/etchings of whales.

If I didn’t love whales before, my Marine Mammal Biology class has certainly made me love them more. They are really incredible animals, just like these are really incredible prints.

Have a happy weekend! Do you have wonderful Valentines Day plans? I’m all about the low key valentines at home: home-made dinner, movie, yummy desert.

I promise to try and blog better next week.


One thought on “Majesty

  1. I just finished Steve Martin’s book “An Object of Beauty.” The book itself was fatally flawed, but it said so much fascinating insider material on the art market. I wonder if Greg has read it and he take on it.

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