In my tiny, shabby, overpriced, student apartment it should be no surprise that the closet space is limited. “Limited” is actually rather generous since originally the closet space in my room was non-existent, that is until the landlord added a chifforobe/ armoire thing and thus I have a place to store my shoes. Our room is also heated by a lone space heater, but that’s another matter. Honestly, our closet is just fine and does what it needs to do (The space heater on the other hand…), but I think that all girls, at least those with an affinity for clothes, dream idyllically of one day having the perfect closet. Being a walk-in is a given but I also think my perfect closet would be all white but have pink wallpaper lining the back of the shelves and hanging sections (maybe something like this or this). If that doesn’t work out though, the people featured on the blog The Coveteur have some pretty amazing closets that I wouldn’t mind stealing for my own. I’d probably have to buy more shoes in order to fill the space, but that is a sacrifice I’d be willing to make.

Closet of Jane Keltner De Valle (Fashion News Director, Teen Vogue)

most amazing rug ever ( Celine Kaplan: Executive Director of Public Relations, Eres. New York)

Joanna Hillman (Senior Fashion Market Editor, Harper’s Bazaar)

via RubyPress


One thought on “Closeted

  1. people who have no closet whatsoever: this girl

    upsetting, yes, but I do have a really cool looking clothing rack..

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