Sorry that I’ve been slightly absent over the past couple of days. Some days I still get home completely wiped out and have to FORCE myself to lounge on the couch, watching Gilmore Girls, until my strength returns. My doctor said that I’ll probably be back at 100% within the next two weeks or so. To make matters worse, yesterday on my way to school I slipped on ice for the first time ever.  Luckily, I landed on my hand and not my face, but now my hand is all bruised and blue in one spot. It kinda ruined my day, as silly as that is.

In other news, we were supposed to get a massive slice of this horrible snowpocolypse pie that is sweeping over the east coast / midwest, but didn’t.  It snowed, but it didn’t SNOW (at least downtown).  They didn’t even close down school, although my one class today was canceled by my prof.  Truthfully, I’m a little disappointed, this would have been my first snow day. Instead I guess I’ll study for my pesky Marine Mammal Biology test on Friday and read more Anna Karenina.

Did you see that our beloved ModCloth is having  a MASSIVE sale??? 13 Pages of glorious discounts. Unfortunately for me, I’m currently saving up for a spring break trip to Montreal and can’t really afford to buy anything, but if I could:
God knows I don’t need another sweater (or coat really), but I love how long that white sweater is. It would cover my bum perfectly on these cold Canadian days! My friend Leigh came back from the UK with a sweater just like that from TopShop and ever since I saw it,  I’ve been dreaming about one for myself. If I end up in Oxford,  I’m definitely going to have to try and find one.


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