It has been beyond cold in Toronto recently. Sunday it was — I’m not joking — literally 0 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and I’m pretty sure that was without wind-chill.  I went to go get a cup of hot chocolate from the coffee shop down the street and by the time I returned to my home 15 minutes later I couldn’t feel my toes. The snow is of course totally beautiful, magical and wondrous; I’m quiet enjoying my cozy evenings curled up, watching the snow fall silently and beautifully to the ground while Gilmore Girls plays in the background. I am, however, inside, nestled safely and warmly under as many blankets as I have reading assignments. See, the inside part, that is the most important detail of this little pictorial (hence the italics), because the minute I step out my front door it feels like my nose is going to fall off right then and there.

In an effort of self preservation, I’m choosing to think about warmer, sunnier times and revel in these gorgeous Anthorpologie bathing suits.$redesign-openLarger$$redesign-openLarger$$redesign-openLarger$$redesign-openLarger$$redesign-openLarger$


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