What Would Nancy Drew Do?

Like most girls, Nancy Drew was (and still is) one of my most beloved heroines. I have read all the books and *deep breathe* play the video games. Yes, they make Nancy Drew video games and they are pretty awesome (at least some of them are), even if they are rated for 8 to adult. I take a lot of liberty with that “adult” part.  I just solved a mystery about a ghost in a Ryokan in Japan, what have you done recently, hunh? HUNH?!!

Sorry, I get a little defensive about my Nancy Drew video games. We’re all allowed our guilty pleasures right?

ANYWAY, my friend Kara knows that I love Nancy Drew and gave me a Nancy Drew T-Shirt for Christmas!


It is honestly my new favorite thing ever. Not only is it luxuriously comfortable and fits me beautifully, but for every t-shirt sold, the company that prints the t-shirt (Out of Print Clothing) also sends a book to a community in need through their partnership with the organization Books for Africa. I just about died. This is the most PERFECT thing! And although nothing really competes with Nancy Drew, the rest of their t-shirts are pretty wicked too:


One company has managed to combine everything I love: literacy, charity, design and print-ography. So much love for this operation, their aesthetic and what they do. Too. Much. Love.

(PS: thanks kara!)


2 thoughts on “What Would Nancy Drew Do?

  1. What would Nancy Drew do? She’d steal your new t-shirt of course! The t-shirt is a crucial object that is necessary for her to solve the mystery (naturally she needs the shirt after she’s read someones private mail but before the breaking and entering). That’s far more important than your perception of personal property.

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