Happy (Almost) New Year!

Wow, where did 2010 go? Sometimes I literally burst into tears when confronted with the  reality that life moves far too fast.  I’ve been a regular grumpster all day today as I say goodbye to my “back home” friends and start thinking about my trip back to Toronto in a little more than a week. Tomorrow, however, I am ringing in the new year with my much missed camp friend Leigh. Things aren’t all bad.  The whirring noise that my ipod keeps making as I try to turn it on, that might be bad. Really bad.

SO, in the spirit of positive thinking, what am I hopeful for? There is the obvious: world peace, an end to animal cruelty, an end to poverty, more chocolate, less split ends and cute shoes, but the less obvious, hmmm. Well I’d personally like to see more Roses lip balm in my future — I have found my perfect lip balm.

More days like this:                                   and this:

I’d like more adventures. I’d like to satisfy my insatiable wanderlust. I’d like to secretly start work on a novel-like-thing.  I’d very much like to study abroad at Oxford.

Here is to 2011 and the billion possibilities it brings!


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