Hello Haircut

So, I cut off all my hair the other day.

I can’t stop running my hands through its glorious healthiness, but I’m not sure if I like it yet.  Its too… flippy. Every time I get my hair cut short I feel I’m one pair  of high waisted jeans and two orange slices away from taking the kids to soccer practice. After all that complaining, I WOULD miss my long hair hunh? Oh well, now hopefully someone else can enjoy it. Right now, my luscious limp locks are sitting on my desk waiting to be shipped to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths people in El Paso Texas.

I’m prolonging the Christmas joy and seeing the Nutcracker with my parents this afternoon. The day after Christmas is always the worst, it’s such a  let down knowing that I have to wait 11 plus months to get that wonderful feeling again. Plus everything went by so fast this year…  I’m excited though! I haven’t been to the ballet in forever, although I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy it quiet as much now that I’ve seen Black Swan.

(And NO, of course that is not an Orlando Bloom poster on the back of my door…)


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