Christmas break 2010 checklist:

Read Crime and Punishment • make these, these or this with my mommy •  study for my January exam (blech) • vintage shopping • regular shopping• buy a new planner/calender/pens • snuggle and eat lots with my best friend • have lots of yummy breakfasts with lots of wonderful people • Go on a walk around the reservoir with my Dad • Have tea with my Grandma • Play board games with “the gang” • visit Leigh in Santa Maria (!) • spend time in San Fransisco • go to Noahs/Peets/California Pizza Kitchen/ The Cheesecake factory frequently• See a movie with my Aunt •

Oh, and celebrate Christmas!

I don’t care if it’s creepy and I have to watch it alone (which I do), I will always love Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

California Countdown: 6 Days

And I’d like to wish a wonderfully happy birthday to my Mommy! who I miss very much and can’t wait to see next Tuesday.


5 thoughts on “Check!

  1. What great plans you have, and I’m so glad to have made the list! Do you know there’s an International House of Pancakes in Walnut Creek! Really looking forward to seeing you. (And those recipes look divine…).

    Love, Aunt Kathy

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