Dear Santa


Major props to Reduce, Reuse, Rewear etsy boutique, they have some really truly amazing vintage  (like this) that is definitely worth a look, especially with it being the holiday season and all.

Besides, gifting vintage is a great way to a) give something that is totally unique and has character b) save some money (usually) and c) recycle.  Seriously though! Buying vintage instead of new helps to reduce the amount of new goods that need to be produced, which in turn reduces emissions from factories and helps to curve the sheer amount of junk that we have in this world. Sure, you can’t always buy vintage (vintage underwear — no thank you), I certainly don’t always buy vintage, but when you need a new dress or even shoes, check your local vintage store first. Etsy makes it so easy and has just about everything under the sun, I swear.

Your favorite blogger would just love a long vintage wool skirt.


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