Bag Hag

I’m seriously impressed by Fossil’s current collection.

like really seriously impressed. Look at this bag! This bag is gorgeous!,0,1998,1998&scl=4.757142857142857&id=0BT8VjcPMSEF2CyK2oZBxH,0,1998,1998&scl=4.757142857142857&id=2CDSGo27tpe4g-Xa4urJrR

I’m even kinda lusting over this thing:,0,1998,1998&scl=4.757142857142857&id=3PSvM6-QmliKnM_mByBGaV

Sometimes I really surprise myself.

I’ve decided that I can only buy cross bodies from now on. I HATE carrying around normal short-strapped shoulder bags. They are always falling down. See these bags, these bags have both.


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