Lady Madonna

‘The photographer Giovanni Squatriti explains, “The omnipresent Madonna has inspired not only the faithful but also the artistic. This shoot is a respectful, yet bold tribute to the blessed Virgin Mary. I represent the pain of the stigmata, the tears of blood, the Annunciation plunged into blue, and a black Mary, inspired by the most ancient testimonies of Christian iconography, where Madonna was portrayed with dark skin.”

Stefano Anselmo, the man behind the makeup concept, says, “Iconography of the Virgin Mary is colourfully represented, including an ivory Madonna, with cheeks veiled by a chaste paleness, and a dark skin version, of unknown origin. For centuries the Virgin Mary has spread hope.”

The stylist Gioele Panedda explains of the material used in the shoot, “I created a rich, virtually regal representation of the Madonna, through the use of luxurious textiles and precious golden and pearl accessories providing a timeless and reverent mood. The religious iconography such as the halo, and crown are authentic church objects.”’


One thought on “Lady Madonna

  1. I may not be Catholic in my beliefs, but being raised that way I can’t seem to shake the feeling that these are just inherently *wrong*. I also can’t put my finger on excatly what it is that is “wrong”…

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