I love my long hair, I really truly do. Sometimes I wake up with the most voracious, thick, wavy, mane, and it is wonderful. Then I try to corral that mane into a hat, over a scarf and on top of a coat and, well, then I have a mane in my face all day long. I don’t know how people do winter with super long hair. I can no longer pull my hair into a bun with only one of those super thick pony tail holders. It takes TWO. It is time for a haircut (and maybe a dye job).

I’m thinking some kind of bob.


2 thoughts on “Neglect

  1. I think you’d look really sweet with a bob. But in order for it to stay sweet, you need to keep up with the haircuts. Sigh. What color are you thinking of? And with your hair (which is MY hair), I suggest you have it done by a professional. Christmas prezzie?

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