Sparks Fly

Happy Friday!

So, I did get to see Taylor Swift (super close up!) yesterday after waiting in line for like five hours. It was kinda amazing but also kinda disappointing since I didn’t get to talk to her and everyone around me was being unbelievably rude and pushy. I realized that what I wanted out of meeting Taylor Swift was a lot more than two seconds of “would you sign my ipod”, I wanted to look at her and say — not scream over others — that I really appreciated what she’s done and I know a really great cheesecake place in Toronto that I think she’ll like.

Long story short: I will not being doing this ever again – no one celebrity is worth it and I am just not ruthless enough to make it work.

She is like ridiculously pretty though. Less tall than I imagined. I also really liked her coat. And although I didn’t cry when I first saw her, my stomach definitely did one of those “oh my god that’s really her” kind of things.

In other news: I have a very exciting weekend ahead of me. Nate has a super secret plan for our two year anniversary. All he’s told me is that I need 60 dollars, very warm clothing and my passport. My Nancy Drew skills are failing me and I am thoroughly stumped (but I’m guessing we’re going to Niagara Falls!).

It is also fall break! I have Monday and Tuesday off! So glorious.

AND it’s that time of yearrrrrrrrr — PEPPERMINT HOT CHOCOLATE FROM STARBUCKS!!

Oh gosh, so much to be excited about.

If you are in search of Christmas cards, may I recommend these lovelies, or these beauties. 1Canoe2 is wonderful. I love this print of “things that are round”


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