Into the Dark

Day 09: 2 smileys that describe your life right now.

I really don’t care at all about smileys (nor do I know very many) so I’m going to shake it up a bit:

Day 09: What makes you smile?

puppies• surprises

How awesome are these old pictures (via Vanity Fair)  from the set of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back? Do you remember the first time you saw Star Wars? My brother was straight up OBSESSED when he was a kid. He had a whole collection of those light up toy light sabers and sometimes we would duel in the living room. I always won- but then again I was four years older. We would call him “Darth Paul”  — it was pretty adorable. Episode 6 is my personal favorite — I think I’m the only person on the face of the planet who doesn’t absolutely loathe the Ewoks. They’re just so cute! Do you have a favorite Star Wars?

Don’t tell Nate, but I have a serious thing for Han Solo. I would go to hyper speed with him anytime.


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