Have a Wonderful Weekend!

My weekend is going to consist primarily of two things:

1. Reading: Tristam Shandy, The Odyssey and academic articles galore! My little Oxford desk dictionary/thesaurus and I are going to be getting very cozy this school year.

2. Cooking/ Baking: I made the most delicious raspberry jam coffee cake the other day and have been experimenting with kettle corn. I have some big food filled plans this weekend too. More on that adventure come Monday.

Speaking of baking, I can’t believe that I haven’t shared Smitten Kitchen with ‘yall yet! It’s just about the best thing ever (next to Sauver.com, which has replaced Gormet.com for me).

The woman over at Smitten Kitchen has the most diverse and all-encompassing data base of scrumptious recipes. Everything you could ever want from salads to desert, vegetarian to gluten-free. The pictures are really good too.


My favorite recipes from her:

bretzel rolls, brownie mosaic cheesecake, and breakfast apple granola crisp (story found HERE)

I’m going to try and make the peach shortbread sometime next week. Maybe for the Grey’s Anatomy season opener next Thursday?


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