New Twist, Old Routine

Happy Monday! Today was my first day of classes and fairly typical. I saw lots of people I haven’t in a while and made some new friends all while being introduced to “The Novel” and “Swift, Pope and their Contemporaries.” Tomorrow is my busy day- “Broadcast Media and Culture,” “Translation,” and “Ancient and Medieval Literary Modes.” Right now, I have to go start Tristam Shandy.

I’ve had these “Hitchcock Classics” prints on my wall in California since they appeared in Vanity Fair forever ago. I love them. Robert Downy Junior never looked so goooooooood.

From top to bottom: To Catch a Thief (Gweneth Paltrow and Robert Downy Junior), North by Northwest (Seth Rogan), Rear Window (Scarlett Johannson and Javier Bardem), Rebecca (Kiera Knightly and Jennifer Jason Leigh), Strangers on a Train (Emile Hirsch and James McAvoy)


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