Ideal Outfit: Back to School

Monday marks the first day of my junior year at University – my 16th first day of school. I’m excited and nervous all rolled up in a flaky  crust of English and literature (oh man now I’m hungry). I’ve always loved the first day of school and, subsequently, the first day of school outfit (even though most of my classmates won’t see me on that first day). As fall has already started here in Toronto, warmer wears are a must and Frye boots are always a “lust”.

5 things I could never get through school without:

1. Travel Mug: pick your poison- hot chocolate, tea, coffee, whatever keeps you awake through class and warm.

2. A Day Planner: I am a blue/gold. I like thing organized, in pretty colors and with pictures of my friends and family all over it. Alison and I have a planner decorating party every year. It’s glorious and involves lots of photo paper/ stickers.

3. Pencils/Pens/ Sharpies/ Pencil Case: I take my class notes by hand. Pens that don’t work are the bane of my existence.

4. The OED online: something my tuition pays for and I use on an everyday basis.

5. Chocolate: nothing would happen without chocolate.

(6: Gilmore Girls: for when school and life are stressful and awful).

Sweater, Boots, Bag, Rings, Shirt, Pants


3 thoughts on “Ideal Outfit: Back to School

  1. The online OED is probably the best thing that ever happened to Literature people. Ever. I mean, you can write an entire paper based off of that amazing creation.

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