Adam (2009)

Last night I curled up in bed and watched the movie Adam. It had sat on my computer unwatched for about six months until I decided it was time. Adam turned out to be a sweet little movie, funny in parts, sad in others, with an unexpected ending that at first caused anger that eventually morphed into appreciation. Hugh Dancy plays lonely Adam, man with Aspergers who falls in love with the girl (Rose Bryne) who moves in above him. Some would label this movie an “oscar grab,” while others might take issue with the portrayal of Aspergers, but the movie absorbed me. I really, thoroughly enjoyed Adam.


One thought on “Adam (2009)

  1. FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE HAS SEEN IT!! I am in love with this movie. When you are home ask me why, its a decently long story lol. But to give you something to go on: I don’t cry. Like ever. But I bawled from start to finish. Seriously. OOOH. Speaking of seriously, we are so doing Grey’s every week together :D

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