Recent Additions

I have been a very busy fashion bee recently. Seeing as I was happily camping  in the wilderness all summer taking care of other peoples children, I didn’t have the time or energy (or internet) to shop. I did, however, do a LOT of daydreaming of nice clothing and cute shoes. When I did finally get home — to my bed, computer, and a bank account full of a whole summer’s worth of allowance — I bought, bought, bought.

Some purchases replaced long dead pieces, while others have been a long time in the making, and some are from a afternoon raid of my mother’s old clothes (they are some of my favorites).

First: the shoes

New Rainboots from Target

Vintage Oxford Flats off <3

Next, the school supplies

Pencil Case (Can you believe that!?) from Borders/ Paperchase

Bookbag from Target

And finally, the clothing

Wonderful, beautiful flannel. The red from Target ($15!!) the other from my mom

The faux leather jacket was found after months of searching and waiting for sales at Urban Outfitters. It’s so different from anything else in my wardrobe, but I think that’s a big part of it’s charm. I’m mixing it up, maturing it, making it more comfortable and all the rest. I think I’m coming into my fashion own in a way. This little slideshow might not seem that profound, but I’m really proud and happy with all of these purchases. The only thing I don’t like is the book bag, which is perfectly fine, but I was really attached to my old book bag — the lining was pink — and was fairly devastated when it ripped beyond repair. Along with the rainboots, I also bought these really lovely fleece liner/sock things. They are totally heaven sent and will be even better when the weather goes sour.

Gosh I love shopping… and Target.


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