Dresses for Fabulous Occasions

Last night I had a completely wonderful, impromptu dinner party/ backyard bonfire with my friends from high school. It was nothing especially glamorous, we ate pasta (the non-vegetarians got Miguel’s homemade meatballs -which I’m told where delicious), garlic bread, corn, salad, cupcakes and topped the night off with s’mores.

In honor of last night and many amazing dinner parties to come, I present six sensational dinner dresses (all of which happen to be from Modcloth).


I just finished The Time Travelers Wife for the second time and now have this lovely picture floating around in my head of one day (when I have my own house and am happily married) having a new years party where everyone important to me is there.

Secret #1: I  like to envision my life as one day being like a scene out of a moive.

Secret #2: In the back of my mind, sometimes I wish I was Claire DeTamble.


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