I have never in my life felt less girly than I do at camp. Between the hiking boots, greesy hair, dirty jeans and dry skin, I am the complete opposite of the “lady” I am in day to day life. I think I might buy this dress to compensate for a summer of grunge.

Every item on this page makes me never want to wear hiking boots again. My green, peep-toe, sling back, high heeled silly band (sent by kara) is all that is left of my former fashionista. I mourn her daily.

I also just finished Her Fearfull Symmetry by Audrey Neffinegger- you should read it and tell me what you think because I am totally undecided. More thoughts to come.

ONLY TWO MORE DAYS AT CAMP! (ummm where did the summer go?) And then a week of family camping with some of my best friends in the world. I am simultaneously devestated to leave and estatic to go camping- fuck this.


One thought on “Itching

  1. There are at least 5 items off that page that I would happily own. The socks are currently making me quite happy. :D

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