Summer Playlist

1. Catch My Disease- Ben Lee (Awake Is The New Sleep)

2. Bathwater- No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)

3. Are You Gonna Be My Girl- Jet (Get Born)

4. Float On- Modest Mouse (Good News For People Who Like Bad News)

5. Girl From Mars- Ash (Live 1996)

6. Earthquakes and Sharks- Brandston (Hello, Control)

7. Hey Stephen- Taylor Swift (Fearless)

8.  Hey Jude- The Beatles

9. How Good It Can Be- The 88 (Kind of Light)

10. Kick Drum Heart- The Avett Brothers (I and Love and You)

11. My Hands Are Shaking- Sondre Lerche

12. Walcott- Vampire Weekend (Vampire Weekend)

13. Silver Lining- Rilo Kiley (Under the Blacklight)

14. Untouchable- Taylor Swift (Fearless)

15. Bug- Mandy Moore (Amanda Leigh)

16.My Little Corner Of The World- Yo La Tengo (I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One)

17. Orange Sky- Alexi Murdoch (Time Without Consequence)

Do you ever wish or wonder if you are the magical/ wonderful/ quirky/ perfect breed of girl someone could write a song about? I definitely do.


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