Splitting Hairs

On some levels, I am currently in love with my long luscious locks (fun fact: locks was my second choice for my camp name), in their amazonian, fairytale waves, ready to be braided, straightened, curled or let loose. Then there are the moments when all of it won’t fit into one hair-tie or it’s really hot or I look into a mirror at the wrong moment and the color looks so dead that I really hate my long hair (This happens A LOT at camp).  But I’ve come so far in growing it out for locks of love that I can’t give in now. Hopefully, come September I can shear 10 glorious inches off without having to get a pixie cut.

Long story short, I really really love these illustrations of hair done by Spanish artist Maria Gil Ulldemolins. I want to hang them in the bathroom or above the vanity table that I dream about but do not  own (yet!).


2 thoughts on “Splitting Hairs

  1. i cut my hair a few days before leaving for tokyo… the guy cut it too short, i miss my long, crappy, straw-like locks, and still have intense hair envy directed towards YOU.

  2. I miss my long hair soooooo much. But i’m in the growing process…in 7 years I might finally have it reach my belly button again :)

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