Karla’s Closet, The Importance of Fit and Serious Shoe Envy

Though I applaud (admire and envy) Karla and her amazing closet, sometimes the girl just gets it so wrong.

like here and here:

Outfit number one gives her no (flattering) shape, taking all the power out of her usually splendid curves. The color of the pants is awesome, however, they  are way too big. The “baggy” look — which is very different from the “boyfriend” look — is flattering on no one, including lovely women like Gwenth Paltrow and Katie Holmes. If something is too big it makes you look big. If something is too small it makes you like you are busting out of it. Fit is important. Either way, you look fatter. This principal applies even to stick-thin girls like me. In the right top and pants, I too can sport a muffin top. I saw on the TV the other day that  you should be able to fit a hand – no more no less- into the waistband of your pants, otherwise they don’t fit properly. I’m sure the waistband fits on Karla’s pants, but the rest not so much. This is probably something she has to deal with in having a pear shaped body, but Karla: these pants make you look wider than you really are, which is kinda sad since you have such a bangin’ bod.

side note: if I had the money, I would get everything tailored, fit is so important and it makes more of a difference than you would expect.

Do I even need to dissect outfit number two? I think it really speaks for itself. The shoes are great annnnd the jacket would probably be awesome with something else but the harem-pant jump suit belongs in the What Not To Wear garbage can.

Some of my favorite Karla looks:

I freaking LOVE the clutch she designed for Coach (pictured above). I want one so bad. And the girl has some ridiculously nice shoes. She wears this pair of Alaia ankle strap pumps that I would kill for.


5 thoughts on “Karla’s Closet, The Importance of Fit and Serious Shoe Envy

  1. i’ve been drooling over those bird print mui mui pumps since i saw them on her blog…. zomg

  2. hey girl,
    any idea where i can get the pair of alaia pumps?
    been searching for it online but the only version are boots?

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