So I feel a little guilty because I’ve been keeping something kinda amazing from you. I was going to continue to keep this little wonder to myself but then someone posted on my Facebook commenting on how much they love my blog and I realized that this really wasn’t fair and I felt kinda gross inside. So I decided it was time to share!

The Brightside Project is a really wonderful blog/ website where you can win free stuff just by answering a question. Seriously! and it is NICE free stuff. Today, its ping pong paddles, which are not the best example, but they also give away things like jewelry, stationary, a Kate Spade bag (that I actually find really ugly), shoes, candles, a standing mixer, the list goes on and on. Every month has a particular theme, May was a salute to bloggers, where prominent bloggers chose items for win, while June is “endless summer.” Here’s how it works: you go to The Bright Side Project website, read the entry and then answer a fairly broad question about yourself. Questions are usually things like “what color do you think goes best with pink” and “what piece of jewelry do you own that always makes you smile.” Posts are open for an entire week and after a point they choose a winner based on the answers they get. There is also this thing you can do if you don’t win called “swooping,” but I haven’t really figured out how that works yet.

As an added bonus, they have a really great layout and color scheme. I love their title banner with lemon.


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