Oh, What a Night

Today, I feel lazy. The concert last night was so fantastic–  the band had so much energy and passion on stage  that burst into the audience (who were also really great and into it).  My very tiny purse didn’t have room for a camera or else I would post photos. The Avett Brothers just opened up their tour an if you like bluegrass/rock/ country/ folk I would consider going. It’s a great show, and for me, a perfect way to say goodbye to Toronto and kick off my summer.

I was initially a little nervous about going to the concert last night because I ended up having to go by myself, which, if you read cosmo magazine, is breaking Cosmo Cardinal Rule Number One: Never Go To a Club or Venue By Yourself Because That is the Way to Get Raped. But it turned out not to be a big deal at all. I made sure not to drink and stay aware of my surroundings, but the crowd was mostly made up of older people and mellow college kids. Clearly, I worry too much. The Avett Brothers definitely do not attract the same fan base as say Limp Biscuit or whatever. Everyone kept to themselves or their group and was there to enjoy the music (big difference between this and an actual club). I met a really nice couple who noticed I was alone and introduced themselves saying that I looked like I needed someone to talk to (which I really did).

The thing I really liked about going by myself is that I didn’t have to worry about the needs and wants of someone else. I got to stand where I want and stay for as long as I wanted (through the encore) and at the end when everyone was squeezing through the doors to leave, I didn’t have to worry about loosing anyone else. It was kinda nice and fairly liberating. Plus, anyone who would have gone with me would have gone not knowing the band, and then I would have worried that they weren’t having a good time or they really hated the music. All and all, I’m really happy I went, even if it was by myself. I would do it again for sure.


2 thoughts on “Oh, What a Night

  1. hahhaha, limp biscuit.
    google the band, you spelled it wrong!
    i think it’s bizkit or something ridic.

  2. You know what I think the stigma some people have against going to places alone is so unnecessarily restricting! I totally agree with you, its nice to do what you want instead of catering to the whims of a crowd of people for a chance!

    And I too freak out when I invite people to things they aren’t familiar with that I love, because instead of fully paying attention to the show or whatever I’m worrying and as a result don’t have as great of a time!

    Going out alone is definitely great sometimes! :)

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