A Rant: Rompers

Even Emma Watson can’t really pull of a romper, take this as a sign world: rompers are a friend to no one. At first glance, I thought this was a dress, a cute dress at that, but unfortunately (as it the way with rompers) the fugly short factor overpowered any cuteness that the garment formerly possessed. Look at Dan Radcliffe, he is staring right at her rompers with the most disappointed face in the world.  Just because you can buy it at Urban Outfitters does not make it okay or cool. Rompers remind me of short-alls, which is in no way a good thing (and actually are also sold of UO). Short-alls are something that every kid growing up in the 90s wore and now laughs at when going through picture albums.  That is where short-alls belong- in picture albums (and on people painting things, ect) and I’m sure that in 10 years (that’s generous, 5 years) we will laugh similarly at rompers.

To summarize: rompers are unflattering on everyone, avoid at all costs.

Her shoes, however, are quiet fetching eh?


One thought on “A Rant: Rompers

  1. Yes, as you can imagine, I’ve already seen that photo and the look of “WTF” on Dan Rad’s face. I think it even made fug it’s so horrible.

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