Lazy Wednesday

All my days are lazy right now. I know, you’re probably thinking “why is this girl complaining about having nothing to do??”, followed by some expletives, but seriously though, I am SO EXCITED for next school year and to have classes again. I’m excited for camp too, but more excited for classes because I get to plan those. I’m in this weird state right now where I’m not in California and I’m not with Nate (he is back home, working away) and thus feel like I’m treading water. I miss my family, I miss my home, I miss Nate — miss miss miss miss miss. That’s too much missing if you ask me ( say any word enough times and it will start to sound funny — miss).

I found a new artist I like though- his name is Christoph Niemann and you’ve actually probably seen his work. He has done several New Yorker covers, including the one they use on the subscription tear out of the pixilated guy. Most of his stuff makes me giggle. I found him in the New York Times (online) opinion section where he just had a short story called “The Haunted Household” published. It’s fairly adorable.

This is actually an image from his new book I Lego N.Y.


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