Missed Connections and Sam Roberts

Happy Monday! and for a Monday I am surprisingly chipper, probably because I woke up at a decent hour and crossed some things off my to-do list, like buying art supplies for my camp “swaps” (it’s GirlScout camp, we do little things like swap items with other counselors) and starting a new book (Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam, the dialogue is very stiff, ,we’ll see how it goes). I even saw a Racoon on my walk home this afternoon! He was rummaging around in someone’s rain gutter at twelve-o’clock in the afternoon! Completely adorable but also slightly terrifying since racoons can be quiet vicious at times. This one froze the minute he saw that I saw him though — so cute and so scared.  I love their little masks, but I think everyone does.

Over the weekend I found a really sweet blog by a New York City artist, Sofie Blackall, who illustrates “missed connections.”

“Missed Connections” is a category on Craigslist where people post messages to other people they’ve seen on the street or in the subway hoping to reconnect with them. The posts range from cute to creepy, some people wistfully hoping that the boy from the bike shop with the red sweatshirt and purple biking helmet who smiled at them will find this and they can grab coffee sometime, and some people salivating over the girl on the subway with the apple bottom jeans (and the boots with the fur) who they’d really like to hook up with for some “fun.” Some posts aren’t about sex at all but thank you’s and “you left your book  on this bench” kind of things. I really love what this artist does with them, the images are so whimsical (click to enlarge).


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