Ideal Outfit: Art Party

Yesterday, I got my first real migraine in almost five years. I had experienced fits of exhaustion where I felt  nauseous and crappy, but this was a migraine: sensitivity to light, splitting headache, nausea and fatigue all rolled into one lovely package of crap. Funny thing is, my migraines of the past didn’t include the sensitivity to light or the splitting headache of yesterday and my migraine of yesterday didn’t include the loss of vision and tingling in my fingers that I experienced in the past. Apparently my migraines have evolved with age instead of disappearing with age! Lets just say it was a very painful and depressing day. If you have never experienced a migraine, I envy you.

Today, however, I am feeling perfectly fine (sign of a migraine) and tonight get to go to a semi-formal art launch party with my boyfriend and his parents. Nate has been doing graphic design for this non profit art organization (NUMAS) in his hometown since he was like 16 and tonight they are celebrating their 25th anniversary and launching the program for the upcoming year. Should be quiet the shin-dig.Art Party

Items in this set: So Unusual Dress, $44 K Karl Lagerfeld Classic cotton-blend trench, $365 Black 15 Denier tights, $39 Leather riding boots, $580 Rafe New York – Zoe Flap Clutch (Cognac) – Bags and Luggage, $190


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