Ideal Outfits: A Trip to the ROM

If you haven’t caught on by now, I really love clothing. In my bookmarks tab, the “buy me” folder has a list about a mile long. I have wish-lists at about a million different online stores and am constantly lusting after one piece or another (currently: a blazer, a vest, strappy sandals, new purse, oxford shoes, 1940s chiffon sundress). Unfortunately, I am a student, I have no money, and it’s really hard to buy a forty dollar pair of sandals when you know that those forty dollars could be going towards food for the week.
So, while browsing the internet the other day in an attempt to fill my day I came upon this woman and her imaginary outfits. Sheer brilliance. Naturally, I’ve shamelessly copied her.

Today Nate, Liz and I are going to the ROM- the Royal Ontario Museum. On Tuesdays, the ROM is free to all post secondary students and since we have nothing to do with our day, it seemed like the perfect way to fill time. Out of all the types of museums in the world, natural history museums are my favorite. I love looking at the dinosaur skeletons and taxidermy polar bears. There are so many worlds crammed into one space. In a perfect world, this is what I would be wearing today — something comfortable and simple. Soft soled shoes are a must in museums as to not click clack across the quiet space and I never go anywhere without my trusty notebook (thanks to Nancy Drew for teaching me that one).

[bag, shoes, pants, shirt, blazer, necklace]


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