Moving: Step One

Tomorrow I move out of my first apartment and into my second. I have spent all week in preparation and we have gone through two rolls of tape. Boxes- snuck from the recycling bin of the local drug store — are suffocating my apartment and are being suffocated by my stuff.  I now officially hate the sound of packing tape being ripped off it’s roll.

5 Reasons To Stay:

1. The proximity to all things wonderful: groceries, ice cream, cheesecake, toiletries, ect are all currently at my fingertips.

2. Watching the Santa Claus parade from my window.

3. The kitchen

4. Sentiment

5. Moving is a hassle.

5 Reasons to Go

1. Liz needs a bedroom with a door and four floor- to- ceiling walls.

2. Three people can not (really, it’s no longer) live in this apartment comfortably. We need more room.

3. The new place has air conditioning

4. The new place is quieter and not directly on the street.

5. The Bathroom demon


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