Pavement Slippery, People Sneezing, Lords in Ermine, Beggers Freezing

Between right now, this very moment, and Wednesday morning at 10:30, I have to write two A-worthy essays, eat, sleep and keep my sanity. I’m also thinking about housing… and grad school, because as much as this constant spine numbing stress sucks, I don’t think I’m done learning yet. But then again, I don’t know if I’ll ever be done learning.

Pictures by Miguel Lopez

Did you know that the words “hymn” and “hymen” come from the Greek god  of marriage and membranes Hymenaois. He was supposed to attend every marriage ceremony, otherwise the marriage would prove disastrous. People would run around town screaming his name on their wedding day.  Oh, the things you learn from constructing a miscellany of 18th century women’s poetry.


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