Oscar Evaluation 2010

I was pretty unimpressed with the overall Oscar experience this year. For starters, I had to watch the Barbara Walters Oscar Special because there was no other Oscar coverage on for the hour before the Oscars. Most of that “special” was a montage of ALL the Barbara Walters Academy Award interviews over the years. Definitely lost some brain cells and some of my soul. Also- note to Barbra: Botox/ Collagen are not your friends. We all can tell. Pink gingham suit dresses (??) also- not your friend, they are no ones friend. I really hope that outfit from 1987 got double tapped. So then we had a half hour of Oscar red carpet coverage (definitely not enough) and a serious highlight of the night: Neil Patrick Harris singing and dancing in sequins. PERFECTION. He is so amazing. I have since started watching How I Met Your Mother. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were very bad. I like how their idea of an opening scene was pointing out all the famous people in the audience. Can Neil Patrick Harris host the Oscars next year please? Monique’s acceptance speech was over dramatic and just so “Monique”. The look on Samuel L. Jackson’s face afterward was PRICELESS, and totally encapsulated everything that all of us were thinking. The camera men had a couple of moments where they caught audience member’s faces at hilarious but totally unexpected moments. I expect someone is going to get a talking to. I loved Sandra Bullock’s speech, Sean Penn was clearly drunk, and what the hell was with the interpretive dance scene? If you turned off the sound (which we did) it looked like they were dancing to the latest Chris Brown hit, not the Up score. I hope they do away with that crap and bring back the performances of the nominated songs. I always enjoyed that, even that year that Beyonce did all of them. And then there’s poor James Cameron, who only walked away with minor awards and sat there looking like a kettle about to boil. I am definitely on team Hurt Locker.

And then there was the fashion.


Rachel McAdams

Cameron Diaz

Sandra Bullock

Tina Fey


Zoe Sandala

Jennifer Lopez (from the block)

Charlize Theron

Sarah Jessica Parker (in Chanel)

Honorable Mention:

Robert Downey Jr.


3 thoughts on “Oscar Evaluation 2010

  1. we had lots of pre-oscar coverage. no barbra for me. Just brian mulroney (who is equally horrible in his own way) and E talk. But i thought mr. downey looked delicious and I totally dug gabourey sid…whatever the heck her name is. I thought she looked lovely. Oh. I’m on team hurt locker too….but not as much as team Quentin. but that may just be because i have a thing for creppy looking directors (ie. the love of my life mr. Tim Burton.) …I’ll stop talking and give in to my sleep inducing cold drugs now.

  2. Hey Emma! I don’t often have time to read this blog – but since I am currently procrastinating on my finals studying – I thought I’d check it out today =) I completely agree with you!!!! (with one exception – I actually kinda like Jennifer Lopez’s dress) It was the first year actually watched them (my roommate watches every year) so while I cannot exactly compare it to other years I think that the show could definitely have been better – ie no interpretive dance. Thanks for the entertainment and I hope you are having fun in Toronto! Get some Girl Scout cookies when you are back home for break (or do they sell them in Canada).


    • Hey Melissa!! lol well I’m glad I helped you procrastinate! Hope everything is going well with you, good luck on those finals! We don’t have girlscout cookies here, but I have them shipped to me :p seriously can’t live without my tagalongs
      – Emma

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