I Love Everything About You That Hurts

It is unbelievably snowy outside. Getting to class this morning was an absolute slog and in order to avoid “snowflake to face syndrome”, the entire walk (both ways) was spent with my face perpendicular to the pavement. This was probably a good thing seeing as the enormous piles of fluffy white goodness, although beautiful and pictorial, can cause trippage when not tackled properly. This kind of weather does not make me want to write essays, which I am currently avoiding like the plague, but curl up in bed and watch a movie.

5 Movies I Recommend:

1.  Closer (2004): It’s definitely a talking heads movie, and I think Julia Roberts was miscast, and all of the characters are horrible people but I think that’s why I like it, strange enough. It’s about miserable people. And I would kill to be in the play (which is better than the movie).

2. Harvey (1950): Liz recommended this one to me and it’s fantastic, not Its a Wonderful Life fantastic, but still really top notch. It has James Stewart in it, you really can’t go wrong with James Stewart.

3. A Single Man (2010): The story is alright. Its not particularly inspiring and I found it to be predictable, but good lord is the rest of it good.  The score is amazing, the cinematography is great, they do this thing with the coloring that blew my mind and the costumes are fabulous. This is fashion guru Tom Ford’s first foray into direction and I think he did a bang up job. Colin Firth is also fantastic.

4. A Philadelphia Story (1940): Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Stewart. Perfection.

5. Up (2009): If you haven’t seen Up, I have no idea why not. Don’t let the animation thing fool you, it’s a really fine film. I bawl like a baby. Everything about it is just so good. Classic in the making.

and if you’re looking for television to watch:  “Long Way Down”, “Long Way Round”, “Freeks and Geeks” (everyone should see this), “Undeclared”.

5 Movies I Want to See:

Revolutionary Road, Trainspotting, Two For the Road, Avatar, Howl.


4 thoughts on “I Love Everything About You That Hurts

  1. Two for the Road is a wonderful movie. I heart it muchly. Another movie that is fabulous but I don’t think it’s out on DVD yet is a Steve McQueen/Natalie Wood movie called “Love with the Proper Stranger.” Highly recommended.

  2. Well at least I know I can recommend A Single Man at work now…and Up is lovely. I personally preferred Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and The Princess and the Frog, but I think that’s because I want my animation to make my heart happy like it did in the good ol’ days. Up made me really sad. And I’m sad enough in real life that I want to laugh with a movie (unless its PS I love you, in which case I will happily have my heart broken everytime, because no matter what, it makes my heart happy in the end)…And I should really stop talking…

  3. you STILL havent seen avatar?!
    GET TO IT BEFORE IT LEAVES THEATRES. you will regret not seeing it in 3d!

  4. But you’re missing so many excellent movies. Harold and Maude, Dr. Strangelove, The (original) Day the Earth Stood Still, Mars Needs Women, Invasion of the Bee Girls. Okay, maybe you can skip the last two . . .

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