Space, The Final Frontier

I’m a currently living in complete and utter solitude.  For most, this might constitute bliss- the space is yours; the milk is where you put it last; you choose the music, the radio station, the volume; you can have ice cream for dinner without guilt.  For some, there is a certain freedom in living alone; for me, it’s rather hellish. On the bright side, I’m not nearly as lonely as I thought I would be. My mind is being kept very very busy with essays, reading journals and assignments. There is no time to dwell on the loneliness of my current life.  But being alone has sucked the life out of  me. I’m  not sleeping. Be it because of jet lag or paranoia, I get tired early, crawl into bed and spend hours tossing and turning. When I find sleep, it’s never for very long. Because I’m tired all the time, I feel gross, unengaged, lethargic and always uncomfortable. I’m a two-year-old that’s missed her nap: I’m cranky and whiny, totally and completely unhappy. When I go out into the powder white world, I do brighten, socialize, and smile.  Maybe I am lonely…


2 thoughts on “Space, The Final Frontier

  1. Beautiful blog, but not wise to advertise that you are currently without a housemate. Please consider removing this. Love you.

  2. Alone, but NEVER lonely. I agree with Youknowwho. Not wise – remove, please. Besides, you always have Killer, your faithful but sometimes overly protective police-trained Bull Mastiff with razor-sharp teeth and a mean streak for men,

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